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Welcome to mo artisan

MO Artisan Workshop is a reference of the name Manuela Ortiz. She is an 11 year old girl with great talent in her hands.

We, as her parents, are working hard along side her to make her dreams come true by bringing her designs and creations to life through this lovely workshop.

Every article you buy from our shop is a piece of art made from our heart using carefully chosen materials that are good for your skin and makes you look impressive. It makes a statement for anyone with fantasy close to their heart.


Meet Our Artisans

Manuela Ortiz

Manuela is an 11 year old girl who has special talents in her hands since she was a little girl.

She enjoys doing crafts, drawing and moulding. She is the designer of most of the pieces we create in our workshop and is the inspiration of everything we do.

Maria Esquivel

I am an artisan and am Manuela’s mum who brings to the life all Manuela’s creations as well as my own ones.

Every piece is made by me from my daughter original desings and from my own ones, inspired by natural forms and with special focus on quality and creativity.



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